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Each float is 18" in diameter and made of heavy grade PVC Vinyl material. These floats are tough and durable. The integrated clip easily attaches to most standard straight leg, pop-up style canopy through the staking hole at the base of each leg (hole must be 3/8" in diameter but can easily be drilled out to the correct size). Canopy size is your choice but with a recommended weight limit of 55 lbs. The included Anchor Tethering System attaches to your canopy providing you with a permanent anchor point from which to attach your own anchor.

Canopy is not included in this kit, but can be purchased separately.  

Kit includes:

  • Four Floats
  • Anchoring Tether System
  • Storage Bag
  • Pump

U.S. Patent #8770213 B2

Also, check out the Canopy Wind Anchor (Sold Separately) for additional safety from unexpected winds.