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For Use With The Water Shade Canopy Float Kit

These bags provide extra wind protection for your canopy while it floats. Each bag easily attaches to the base of each float from your Water Shade Canopy Float Kit (sold separately), which then fills with water when your canopy is floating. If unexpected wind arises, the bags add additional water weight to hold the canopy.

Now made of the same heavy-duty PVC Vinyl material as our heavy-duty floats.

This item is sold separately from the Float Kit.

Canopy Float Kit and Canopy are not included.

Kit includes:

  • 4 Wind Anchor Bags

WARNING! - Salt Water Pools - If you have a salt water pool, please do not leave these bags submerged in the salt water when they are not being used.  The salt in the water disintegrates the webbing of the straps.  Also, rinse the bags in fresh water once they have been removed from your pool so the salt doesn't stay embedded in the straps.